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Sherry Fukuzawa

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Freud-topographical model: argued for 3 levels of consciousness - Id, Ego and superego - - not testable - based on two drives - sexual - Libido: pleasure seeking and sensuality - follows a developmental course during childhood - stages of development - fixed progression of change from stage to stage - notion of fixation at a particular libidinal stage - aggressive - Freud's psychosexual stages - oral: 0-18moths - dependency - orally expressive - Anal 2-3 yrs - orderliness - , cleanliness - can't be too early (development of OCD...or other control disorders)or too late (anally repressive-sloppy, late ect) - Phallic (4-6 yrs) - parental identification, Oedipus complex/Electra complex (abilityto identify with parents), penis envy for girls - latency 7-11yrs - sublimation of sexual and aggressive urges - genital 12+ yrs - mature sexuality and relationships - Not a good theory...difficult to study... ego defense mechanisms - defense mechanisms are unconscious mental processes that protect the conscious person from anxiety - repression: - had no conscious memory of sexual abuse as children - trauma...rarely forever - eg. credit card - slowly leeks out - denial: person refuses to recognize reality - works in different levels - often the first stage of grief - projection: person attributes their own unacceptable impulses to others - we see behaviour in others that we have but don't see fully in ourselves - reaction formation: person converts an unacceptable impulse into the opposite impulse - crushes on girl...teases her instead...expresses in the opposite way - pushing against gay marriage-but the ppl who pushes the hardest usually end up in a sex scandal - sublimation: person converts an unacceptable impulse into a socially acceptable activity - write a song - exercise - rationalization: person explains away their actions to reduce anxiety - making an excuse for something - displacement: diverting emotional feelings from their original source to a substitute target - putting anger at an inappropriate target - we save our worst behaviour to the ppl that we love Jung's - worked with ppl who had schizo - where as freud worked with upper class women - collective unconscious Adler - sibling rivalry - inferiority disorder - birth order Erik Erikson, Harry sullivan evaluation of freud's contributions to personality theory - contributions - emphasis on unconscious process (attribution errors) - identification of defense mechanism - importance of childhood experiences in shaping adult personality - limitations - theories are not solidly based on scientific observation - excessive emphasis on drives such as sex and aggression Albert Bandura's social learning theory - observational (vicarious) learning - leaning through the observations of the adults hitting the bobo doll - acting out behaviour when you are frustrated - two processes - acquisition (seeing it)-becomes part of your behavioural repertoire - acceptance/ per
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