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Lecture 1 - Introduction and Methods

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Emily Impett

PSY220H5 – Social Psychology Lecture 1 - September 12, 2013 Introduction; Methods What is Social Psychology? The scientific study of how people think, feel and behave in response to other people o Social psychologists uses the scientific method to understand how people are influenced by other people - The following questions are questions that were asked in class by the prof, and then answered with an explanation, as an introduction to the course 1. Most people will disobey a person in authority who orders them to hurt a stranger – F - Mailgram’s Experiment o Had ordinary people arrive to the lab, and a man in a white coat told the people that there were conducting an experiment o Shocks were administered by the teacher to the learner if they answered the question wrong o The teacher wasn’t giving real shocks, where the learner was just an actor o How much pain would the teacher would administer? - RESULTS: 63% administered the results 2. First-born children are more rebellious than later-born children – F - Birth order matters in influencing personality o In children, siblings develop into different people o Older siblings are bigger and more powerful, and interested in the status quo o Therefore older children tend to be more assertive, dominant and attain powerful role in the family o Younger siblings are born to rebellious to challenge the status quo - RESULTS: Younger siblings were support revolutions than older students o 100% supported Darwin’s idea that humans evolved from natural selection 3. In romantic relationships, opposite attract - F - 1,000 engaged couples (850 eventually married) rated themselves on 88 characteristics - Partners more similar to each other than randomly generated couples on 66/88 - Similarities largest for demographic characteristic (social class and religions (and p
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