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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Simone Walker

SAMPLE SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONSHERE I PROVIDE SOME SAMPLE SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS FOR EACH ONE I PROVIDE THE ANSWER REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN USE POINT FORM AS LONG AS THE KEY COMPONENTS ARE THERE POINT VALUES ARE BRACKETED eg point value ALSO NOTE THAT ALL ANSWERS EXCLUDING FORMATTING TO MAKE THE ANSWERS CLEAR AND MY NOTES TO YOU AND ALTERNATE ANSWERS IN RED ARE WELL WITHIN THEPAGE OF SPACE PROVIDED FOR EACH ANSWER1 Define selffulfilling prophecy 3 Consider the following Mark has an insecure attachment He believes that other people cannot be relied upon and will always let you down As a result he is often cold and aloof towards others Using this information describe how a selffulfilling prophecy may underlie Marks behaviour with other people 9The case whereby people have a have an expectation about what another person is like 1 which b influences how they act toward that person 1 which c causes that person to behave consistently with their original expectations 1Since Mark believes that others will let him down he is cold and aloof towards others without knowing 3
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