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Lecture 6

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Ulrich Schimmack

Psy230 Lecture 6 D -classification system of the many traits Class exercise: Please think of your friends, parents, professors, or the person you really hate. How do you describe them? Asshole, nice, conscientious, bitch, quiet, intelligent, short, etc. Can we categorize these words into the four groups (personality traits, temporary states, evaluative judgments, and physical characteristics)? Can we categorize traits into Big Five? Relatedness Trait Words -caring, talkative, punctual, creative, fearless, indefferent, impulsie, helpful, shy, efficient, daring, rude, confident, adventurous, grumpy, messy, confident, curious, energetic -sort these traits into group sos that traits in the same group are related Results from the class Things that strongly reated we put on the same branch things not strongly related are put on different branches. Use the table to fio the branches Something unobservable that makes it more likely where if you have one characteristic you will have another. 49% of the variance is explaining how much is relfecting
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