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Tina Malti

PSY240 MARCH 11 TH PERSONALITY DISORDERS  Long treatment  DSM V will change  Personality disorders definition  Personality  Personality trait characteristic of one of the personalities..stable over time…complex pattern of thoughts and feelings  Personality disorder longstanding pattern of maladaptive thoughts and behaviors…only diagnosed if very severe and stable over time  Problems with DSM IV categories Slide 3  Often they are extremes  Overlap in diagnostic criteria  if you are diagnosed with one, you also meet the requirement for at least one other  Diagnosing requires info hard to obtain  Vary across situations and time  Gender/Ethnic racial biases  Gender differences and biases  Sometimes males rep’s more than female…vice versa  Minority groups are under/over-diagnosed  Typically ppl who suffer from a personality disorder, don’t have the insight to see this…environment suffers but the person does not see anything wrong with themselves  DSm-iv-tr Personality disorder all diagnosed on axis 2  Cluster A: odd eccentric personality disorders  Paranoid personality disorder  Chronic mistrust and suspicion in others that is maladaptive  Schizoid personality disorder  Avoidance of interpersonal relationships, perceived as being cold  Not interested in others  Schizotypal personality disorder  Inappropriate motions and behaviors…disorganized speech  Close to schizophrenia  Cluster B: dramatic erratic personality  Antisocial  Impairment in ability to form pos relationship  SLIDE 8  Risk takers  Features SLIDE 9  Treatment success is low  SLIDE 12  Borderline describes unstable mood, and unstable relationships with others and impulsivity  Most common is mood shift…rapid shifts  SLIDE 13  Typically involved cutting  Dissociative states are common especially in women  Causes diagnosed in adolescence if it is severe  Bio deficits like prefrontal cortex and amygdala  Splitting, a process in which individuals only see extremes…good or bad, black or white  Isolated…want to be close to ppl, but can’t at the same time  Treatment SLIDE 16  Anti anxiety meds and antidepressants  Psychodynamic  address the splitting, and clarify feelings of the clients  Project a lot on psychotherapist so they have to use transference  Dialectical behavior therapy…by Linehan  combo of CBT and mindfulness exercises  Mindfulness exercises being in the moment  Ppl cut themselves bc they want to feel themselves  Histrionic  Most classical  Rapid shifting moods and unstable relationships  Intense need for attention  Narcissistic  Thoughts and feelings of one’s own worth….grandiose feelings  Self focused approach to life  Achievement  SLIDE 19  Do not understand the perspective of others very well  Don’t usually seek treatment unless they go into depression or interpersonal relationships  Kohut analysis of self  Cluster C: anxious-fearful personality disorders  Avoidant personality disorder pervasive anxiety and sense of inadequacy , and fear of being criticized  Dependent personality disorder dependent on others, and need acceptance  Need to teach them to stand up for them selves  Obsessive compulsive personality disorder similar to OCD…describes a emotion construction, extreme perfectionism ,  Tend to be rigid in everything  Alternative way to view personality disorders SLIDE 24  Five factor model OCEAN  Personality
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