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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 Biological Basis of Social Behaviour

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Stuart Kamenetsky

Lecture 2 May 152014Biological Basis of Social Behaviouraccording to this view we are born prewired or predisposed to behave socially This proposition is old and stems from evolutionary theory Evolutionary Theory 1natural selection organisms are well equipped to cope with environmental challenges to survival genetic endowment biological structure we receive for this propose different species have different genetic makeups the most fit species to meet environmental challenges are the ones that will ultimately survive the most adaptive characteristics within species will prevail thus strengthening own species will prevail thus strengthening own species in the long run through reproduction of the fittest Sociobiologyextension of evolutionary theory to social behaviourbehaviour may have evolved and be prewired as wellextremely important for our survival an attempt to organize the facts about the adaptive significance of social behaviour in animals and by extension in human beings the systematic study of the biological basis of all forms of social behaviour including sexual and parental behaviour in all kinds of organisms including humans mother breastfeeding has the biological capacity but her behaviour must meet these requirements to know when to feed the babybehaviour is dominated by a genetically based urge to produce the max numbers of successful offspring either directly or by favouring ones next kindirectly having sex with one another and saving your own kids first biologically based urgedo whatever we can to better the lives of our kidsevolutionary theory is controversialThree Aspects of Evolutionary Theory Must be Emphasizedevolution concepts apply as much to behaviour as to structural characteristicsthe adaptation of a species is always to a particular kind of environment ecological niche a rigid distinction between what is innate and what is acquired is meaningless in this account How are Organisms Predisposed for Social Behavioursome species walk within a few hours of being born some behaviours are so important from the time of being bornfixed action patterns simple stereotyped actions that are activated by certain quite specific stimulithese are prewired part of an individuals genetic endowment and are usually functional early in life different from reflexes because they can be modified from environment each species has its own fixed action patterns necessary for survival based upon environmental
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