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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Sex Role Development

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Stuart Kamenetsky

PSY311Social DevelopmentLecture 6June 3 2014SEX ROLE DEVELOPMENTDevelopmental TimelineInfancydistinguish faces by sexoThese are done by tests looking at how long a child will look at novel and strange faces 2 yearslabel by sexoI am a boy I am a girl My sister is a girl3 yearsSexstereotyping in toy preferences 4 yearssome rigid stereotypes about occupations oEx Nurses and teachers are girls Boys can be fire fighters 5 yearsassociation of personality traits with sexKey DefinitionsSex Biological dimension of being male or femaleoSex is male or female based on genetic and anatomic featureGender Sociocultural dimension of being male or femaleoWhat it is like to be male or female in different cultures that are not determined by biology For example there are cultures where there is a clear distinction of what males and females should behave or work as or even dress Gender RoleSex Role Set of expectations that prescribe how females and males should think act and feelGender Role Stereotypes Broad categories that reflect our impressions and beliefs about females and malesimage of what typical male and female would be like How do Children Display Gender RolesToy preferencesBy age 3 a clear pattern of choice emerges although boys develop this pattern quicker than girls oThere is the case where a set of parents raised their child genderless where they named the gender with a malefemale name and told no one what the sex of the child They believed that gender is based and influenced by cultural factors oBoys deviation from traditional gender roles is punished by society whereas girls are not For example if a boy wants to take ballet lessons most dads will not put up with that whereas if a girl wants to play with trucks it is encouraged Personality characteristicsFrom 23 years of age boys are consistently more aggressiveoTerrible Twosas soon as they can start walking and running they are active and aggressive with so much energy Choice of playmatesbetween 16 years of age there is a steep increase in choice of same sex playmatesoThis is based on primarily on common interests and attributes Children want to play with other children who want to play with the same toysPsychological and behaviour differences between boys and girls become greater during early adolescence oOnce they go through puberty and go through hormonal changes we see boys and girls becoming very different from one anotherGender Role OrientationHigh MaleLow MaleHigh FemaleAndrogynousFeminineLow FemaleMasculineUndifferentiated
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