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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 - Family, Parents, and Socialization

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Stuart Kamenetsky

PSY311Social DevelopmentLecture 7June 3 2014Families Parents and SocializationInterrelated concepts as socialization takes place largely by parents within the context of the familyFamily Systems characteristicsoWholeness a system or family system that is an organized whole that is greater than the sum of its partsoIntegrity of subsystemsSubsystems might be the individuals in the family ie mom is a subsystem Some may argue that the relationships may also be another subsystem ie the relationship between children The wholeness of the family and life of the family will be different depending on the subsystemsoCircularity of Influence Involves the influence from a variety of directions ie influence from mom or influence from a sisteroStability and change Systems are affected by outside influences they resist change but when change occurs to one component it affects the entire systemTypes of FamiliesNuclear familiesoMost part are considered familiesmom and dad male and femalemarried to each other and live with ONLY their biological children Traditional families oLike nuclear families but their roles are traditionalmom stays home and does housework whereas dads go to work and make money Families can change for many different reasonsoIf either mom or dad passes away
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