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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Christine Burton

Cognitive Development Lecture 3 Monday, May 14, 2012 Information Processing Model:Atkinson-Schiffrin Model Ray Task − first task: how effectively you can defect and perceive the incoming sensory stimuli using the five sensory domains (this is how we interact with the environment) − Incoming sensory (Examples:Audio/Visual -> electromagnetic radiation or energy ie. wavelengths from lights, sounds etc. OR Somatosensory -> mass) has to be transduced into electro chemical signals(neurotransmitters) in the nervous system by receptors in sensory organs in order to be perceived − ALL incoming information is detected by the brain (sensory register) but we filter some information out (For example, we filter out somatosensory information when we are sitting down; we do not feel our clothes on us or the chair we are sitting on) − After about 1/2 second later, some information leaves the memory (decay) − The information we recognize is things we pay attention to (ex. Pattern recognitions: patterns of language that develop through time) − Cocktail party syndrome: we filter out a lot of information we hear around us, but then we hear our name and it only takes 1/2 second to recognize and register (Attention) − Attention, judgement. problem solving, decision making is all completed in frontal lobe of the brain- executive to the working memory -----------> pattern recognition -----------> Sensory Recognition -------------------> Short Term Memory/ encoding Long -----------> Working Memory ----------> Term ----------->
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