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Lecture 9

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Hywel Morgan

March 17 2014Lecture 9Tall Order thinkingThinkingComprehendingReasoningUnderstandingPROBLEM SOLVINGinductive and deductive reasoningWorking memory capacity Schemas build memorythey are structures of knowledgeFour Basic Principles on How Schematic Information is Involved in the Encoding Process1 Selection involved in selecting information into existing schema accommodation 2 Abstraction schemas is assigned a certain importance3 Interpretation information that we fill in when someone is telling you a story and you say you dont need all the details4 Integration integrate into previously learned information 5 Guide the drawing of inferences build connections between new information and previously learned informationmanipulate the your schemas ex advertising way they affect the way you spend your moneydeception is illegal cannot tell you non truthmisconceive is legal Language is used in advertising that is miscomprehended misconception uses the schemas that you have developed 1 Hedging words are used that seriously weaken the force of the claim that the hedge is not remembered words not remembered claim is remembered ex Lozac pills may help relieve tension Schema if I take pills tension goes away Hedge may or may notno deception involvedex Crest fights cavities Hedge fight win or lose Schema in a fight you always win Palmolive leaves dishes virtually spotless Hedge virtually still spots
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