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Katherine Krpan

Chapter 11Example of Patient with Epilepsy MS25 yrs old mother of twoseizures controlled by medication until birth of second child1 uncontrolled seizuremonthAfter her boyfriend tried to assault her sexually she wasglobal aphasiaunable to produce or understand language able to enjoy musiccould sing version of songs that she had known prior to onsetcould identify if words in a song were wrongcould not learn words to new songsAble to learn new tunes and hum alongExample of Splitbrain patient NGTrial 1Picture of cup ash on the right visual eld Report seeing a cupTrial 2Picture of spoon ashed to the left visual eld Report seeing nothingTrial 3Picks up a spoon when asked to reach behind the screen to search for an object she has just seenTrial 4Asked what she is holding without visual input holding a pencilLaterality is relative not absoluteCerebral site is at least as important in understanding brain function as cerebral sideLaterality is affected by environmental and genetic factorsLaterality is exhibited in a range of animalsAnatomical Differences between RHLHRH is larger and heavier than LH but LH contains more grey matterR frontal lobe extends farther towards the skull and is wider than the LFLL occipital lobe extends father back and is wider than the ROLNeurochemical differences between RH and LHnorepinephrine in R thalamus than LTLarger concentrations of dopamine in the L globus pallidus part of the basal gangliaLarger concentration of Brocas Area located in the Left frontal lobeUsed for language production
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