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Simone Walker

1Psy321Lecture 1 January 10 2014What is Cultural PsychologyPeoples experiences influences psychological processes A behavior can have different meanings in different cultures This is what cultural psychology is all aboutCultural psychology challenges the aspect of normal psychology about how we are all sameA subfield of psychology that uses a crosscultural perspectiveA view of understanding truth and principles about human behavior within a global cross cultural perspectiveCross cultural research Any type of research that compares human behavior across two or more culturesNote that crosscultural psychology is not a field on its owncross cultural research faces challengesWhy Study Cultural PsychologyAre psychological processes the same everywhere OR do psychological processes emerge differently across different cultural contextsEticsProcesses that are consistent across culturesUniversal EmicsProcesses that are different across cultures or only seen in some culturesCulturespecificWhy Study Cultural PsychologyNot an easy question to answer Because it is depends on how you define itEx Is marriage universalDepends on Level of abstractionEx Formal union between men and women with public knowledge that the couple is a couple then the definition of marriage sounds more universalThe more abstract the definition The more evidence for universalsThe lower the utility so less useful For example saying that marriage is a formal union is difficult to seeDepends on Different types of evidence that suggests a process is universalAccessibility universalAccessible to the same degree across cultures When a behavior is found in multiple cultures used in same way across cultures accessible to the same degree across cultures Ex Social facilitation is the finding that individuals do better in easy or well learned tasks when they are in presence of other
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