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Lecture 15

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Ulrich Schimmack

PSY324 (Emotions and Well-being) - Materialism is a strong negative predictor of well-being : FALSE - Income does not predict well-being for individuals low in materialism: FALSE - How often are you seeking out positive and negative events? Experience positive and negative events? - Appraisal theories of emotions o Cognition influences emotions (Lazarus) o Same event can elicit different feelings to different people  Getting B-  Friend’s new car  Thanksgiving with inlaws o Emotion response depends on a set of cognitive appraisals  Goal congruent/incongruent  Agency (causal attribution) • Who caused it  Controllability/coping resources - Emotional intensity o People often seek out events that produce intense positive affect o Do these experiences increasing well-being o Often more intense positive emotions are related to more intense negative emotions - Cognitive amplification and cognitive dampening o Possible to reduce emotional intensity by detaching yourself from emotional consequences of an event o Lazarus study of initiation ritual o Can be used as strategy or may even occur unconsciously o Influenced by cultural norms about emotions - Cognitive amplification and cognitive dampening o Diener et al. o Empathize with positive picture (couple reuniting) o Be an art critique of a negative picture (dead bodies) o Emphasize the positive in positive - Results o People weren’t really able to dampen negative stimuli o Seems good in theory, but in practice, it’s not easy to replicate - Range frequency theory o Events are judged relative to other events o Extreme events increase the range o If highest mark is B, a C is pr
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