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PSY325 Psychology of Self Multidisciplinary topicDo animals have a selfTalk about autobiographical memory selfesteem culture emotion interpersonal relationships identity self and adjustment or wellbeingHistorical perspectivestracing the history of the fieldSelf is all around ushow fascinating it is Personal pronoun I me my focused attention on yourselfPreoccupation with the selfRelatively young field Earliest writingsidentity conscious500 BC Chinese indian ancient greek philosophers Issues of personhood selfhood the nature of the selfI think therefore I amSelf and the notion of the reflexive consciousidea that we can turn our attention inward on ourselvesunique ability possessed by humans Shaped by culture society and social interactions Self does not exist in a vacuum neither do our theoriesVictorian Era examinations of the selfflourished Increasing industrialization alienation by the population historical and societal context theorist viewed the self as being comprised of this inner hidden corea true self hidden easily accessible by others and the individual itself It had to be controlled subjugated and repressedIdea was that having to hide this inner core led to a lot of self deception The control and the suppression led to the development of certain psychopathologies Sigmund FreudExploration flourished During the Victorian era got the foundation of the modern day self psychologyWilliam jamesthe father of modern day self Produced an 1890 first systematic theoretical treatment His theoryaccording to him there are 2 aspects to self divided into 2 parts I self self as the nor thinks your thoughts feels your feelings acts your actions and behaviors analogy of book I self is actively reading the page giving meaning to the words on the page Meselfobject of experience self as what is knownthe context self concept composed of what makes you you your thoughts beliefs morals beliefs preferences memories goals etc book analogythe actual words on the book actual context of the bookMultidimensional theory of the selfmore effort in the me self I self Is too vague and hard to grasp left to philosophers not psychologistsI self is important Me self stems from the I self it is the architect of the me self I self given as much and more empirical attentionI self4 components
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