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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Hywel Morgan

Monday July 22 2013Lecture 5 AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER AND SCHIZOPHRENIA What DSM 5 has recategorized and renamed Autism DisorderThis lecture will cover what characterizes this disorder Not everyone agrees what causes it and how to treat itThere are some key symptoms that characterizes this disorderAutism was coined in the 1950sChildren with autism do not verbally or emotionally communicate with anyone so it is very hard to intellectually assess this childclinicians find it hard to distinguish btw autismmental retardation o There is not even any eye contact with severe autism and often mistaken for deafness0Lets introduce the DSM 4 disorders in this categoryPervasive Developmental Disorder PDD o Autism Retts Aspergers and Childhood disintegrative disorderAUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER AustismThe first and primary diagnosed disorder under PDD was called Autismo Define as a profound inability to socially interact with other people o This is considered to be a psychotic condition most but not all clinicians agreeSomeone who is psychotic the pathology in psychosis is defined to have lost touch with reality o Not experiencing the same thing the way you are what you see in autism o Children experience reality in a different way as if they were unaware of their surroundings o They are somewhat aware just experiencing it in a different way o Interpreting the sensory info in a different waySome suggest that these children are hypersensitiveregistering all your senses at the same time o Unable to filter out sensory info from the sensory registero For normal people it decays quickly unless they find it important attentions roleIt seems as though children with autism are unable to filter out sensory information properly One theory is that they learn to shut it all out when it becomes too overwhelming physiological evidenceAutism is potentially a life long disorder that cant be outgrown unless treated immediately there are treatments but they are not simpleBUT not all treated will improve to normal functioning o Kids who are not talking or interacting with other people if untreated it becomes permanent and resembles mental retardation bc they are unable to score high on the IQ test o Unable to do simple things or even attend college hold down a job or find a spouseThere seems to be a spectrum of autism high functioning and low functioning in much the same way we see intellectual disabilities or retardation o Those who are high functioning CAN go on to collegeuniversities but will still have trouble interacting emotionally or verbally with other peopleWhat is the weather like outsideoh just greatimplied meaning not nice outsideo People with autism spectrum disorder ASD are not good at interpreting emotion affect and language Indistinguishable from mental retardationRetts DisorderVery much like autism but the manifestation symptoms tended to onset later on toddler hoodPrimary behavioristic symptom was hand ringing but other symptoms look just like autismAutistic like disorder there are varying degrees of this disorderAspergers SyndromeLower end of the spectrum with low level autistic symptomsTypically tend to be high functioning Ex Sheldon Cooper nerdSocially and verbally not adept socially and verbally retarded The hallmark of these disorders1
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