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Lecture 1 - Introduction to Forensic Psychology

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dax Urbszat

PSY344Forensic PsychologyLecture 1WHAT IS FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGYWhat is PsychologyPsychology is the scientific study of behaviour oAnything an animal or human does feels or thinksPsychology is a science based on empirical research oIn sociology it is a lot of observation and correlational studyoBut in psychology we want to know why by creating causal determinations through experimental methods Law is based on society and based morals that is reflected on the wants and needs based on the people in society What is Forensic PsychologyForensic Psychology is a research endeavor that examines aspects of human behavior directly related to the legal processIe eyewitness memory and testimony jury decision making criminal behavior deception detection risk assessment oStudies suggest that our memories are right only half of the timefallible The law tries to maintain justice fairnessoIt grows from society and civilization in need to try to keep our society from conflict It can be used and misused in many different waysForensic Psychology is a profession that includes a clinical counseling endeavor involving assessment and treatment of a patientExpert Testimony An expert is only permitted to testify in court if a judge thinks that this person possess knowledge beyond othersTo be a forensic psychology you dont necessarily need to have a law degree but have
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