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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 - Domestic Violence and Abuse

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Dax Urbszat

PSY344Forensic PsychologyLecture 7June 9 2014DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND ABUSEDOMESTIC ABUSEthIn the first part of the 19 century women were property of their fathers Once she got married she becomes property of her husband at the time of marriageRule of Thumb suggests that you can beat your wife or children as long as the stick you use is not thicker than your thumbDomestic Abuse Jones 1994aLeading cause of injury in American women sending more than 1 million for medical treatment every yearSpousal violence contributes to one fourth of all suicide attempts by women37 of all obstetric patients are battered during pregnancy50 of homeless women and children are fleeing from male violenceDomestic Abuse1FBI reports that over 1400 women are killed by their partners each year 6 of intimate partner homicides1The idea that If I cant have you no one can or I would rather be dead than live without you 2Lenore Walker 1992over one third of all women will be abused at some point in their lives316 of American families experience violence 34 experience life threatening violence on a regular basis4Each year 188000 women are injured severely enough to require serious medical attention StrausGelles 19881The number one cause of death is homicide by the childs father 2It is believed that the under reported amount of this type of this domestic abuse is 910x less reported 110 of domestic abuse is reported due to fearDomestic Abusers Typology 1Psychopathic abuser violentantisocialThis is someone who scores high on psychopathy checklist They would have general tendencies of violence across the board ie not only the spouse perhaps children as well Most intimate homicide to occurs when the spouse tries to leave They lack the capability to understand future consequences so something like a restraining order will not be successfulThis is only 1 of the top end of the populationSociopathic abuser doesnt respond to treatment There are several studies that suggested those who score high in psychopathy receive help and then later learn to become more manipulate and better to gaining insight to others lives 2Overcontrolled exploder family onlySomeone who requires a sense of order We might find some psychopathy like obsessivecompulsive personality disorder The idea that there is a need for control due to some point of their life they experienced a sort of abuseOvercontrolled exploder abusers do respond well to treatment By treating the underlying issues treatment can be effective 3Emotionally volatile dysphoricborderlineSomeone who cannot control his or her temper Battering occurs in context of being unable to control their temper It is characterized with alcoholism which is across the board associated with domestic abuse and violence There is a strong need to blame others for their unhappiness They have remorse afterwards This is the most commonThey have the best chance for treatment Cognitive behavioral therapySociopathic AntiSocial Typical
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