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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Eyewitness Identification

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Dax Urbszat

PSY344Forensic PsychologyLecture 6June 4 2014EYEWITNESS IDENTIFICATIONMEMORY CONSTRUCTIONMemory ConstructionIt is surprisingly easy to distort andor create memoriesMemory is strongly influenced by our views attitudes and beliefs at the time of recallReform Party MP Jack RamsayoHe was accused of sexually assaulting a young First Nations Aboriginal female in Saschachewan when he was an RCMP officer She is now in her 20s and claims like she has a repressed memory that has surfaced when she seen him at a funeral that she was sexually assaulted by him when she was 13 years oldoThey had similar stories that he had picked her up late at night and brought her to the station house No one was there and he had asked her if she was a virgin At this point their stories diverged she said she proceeded to have sex with her while he said he was disgusted with himself and took her back home She also had the same memory that she was taken home by himoShe is an alcoholic and drug addict and has been sexually assault by another RCMP officer maybe shes confabulating these two stories Also he was not at the funeral she claimed to see him at that resurfaced the memoryElizabeth Loftus studiesoAsked children to vividly imagined to get their finger caught in a mousetrap and to vividly remember the consequences of that They brought them back at another time and were asked to recall this This lead children to believed that this actually happened Many of the children remembered it so vividly that they had more of a story ie said that they went to the doctor and even received a bugs bunny bandageoThey did a similar study with others One group was asked to imagine they fell through a window and another group was asked to remember that they knocked over a pot 25 of the study laterrecalled this imagined event as actually happeningSchooler 1986Psychologists cant tell the difference between real and implanted memoriesoThere isnt any way to see what is different from what actually happenedEYE WITNESS IDENTIFICATIONEye Witness IdentificationLoftus 1979 Did another car pass the red Datsun while it was stopped at the stop signoThey were shown a video that either had a stop sign or yield sign They were shown pictures that either had a stop sign or yield sign and were asked to remember the video based on the pictures oThe picture that they saw was more suggestive than the actual memory of what they saw oFor example if they were shown a picture of a stop sign and had a stop sign in the video they got it correct But if they were shown a yield sign and the video they watched had a stop sign they were most likely to say that they saw a yield sign in the videoIt was a yield sign at the intersection the subject had previously seen
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