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Dax Urbszat

May 14 2014Psy344Lec 2From last lectureEx a schizophrenic man shoots the mail man dead he knows he shot the mail man dead but he doesnt appreciate what he is doinghe thinks he is doing it for self defense In this case knowing doesnt mean appreciating But appreciating does mean knowing Knowing is knowing what you are doing but does the schizophrenic appreciate what he is doing is wrong No Thus knowing doesnt mean appreciating always appreciating does mean knowing PsychopathyTrait ApproachPFC controls impulse houses knowledge of what is acceptable and notrelated to personalityAssumption 1 traits are stable over timeDoesnt mean traits have to be the same always we can alter our behavior to fit the situation The personality is a combination of genetic factors and our environment People who have a maladaptive ability to shift their personality have a personality disorder Assumption 2 traits are stable across situationsTraits are semistable affected by our environment but also semistable over time as well People differ on continuous variables or dimensions Idea is that we all have the same traits but what is different is the amount of each trait that we have and this differentiates us and it is the unique amount of traits that we each have that makes us who we are Traits also exist on a continuumex introversion and extroversion Young said that people who are high in extroversion are outgoing Normal population curve traits are normally distributed such that the average is the highest number of people1 deviation 3 deviation is at the either end of the extreme and this is problematic Too high extroversion results in dependence on social situations cant live without interacting with others too low extroversion results in avoidant personality disorder suffers from social anxiety disorder suggests a longer history from childhood in wanting to be isolated want to interact but get anxious so just avoid these situations In Schizoic personality disorder the people want to be alone Basic differences between people are quantitative and traits are used to understand and predict behavior The big 5 has become influential due to the fact that it is predictive of personality
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