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Lecture 3

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Peter Morrow

Lecture 3 - September 28, 2012 Evolution (cont'd)  When medication stopped for HIV patients, Y-type of HIV virus population grows and HIV population w/ mutation against drugs gets selected out o This delays progression of virus, does not cure individual  Bacteria more successful than us in terms of biomass (largest in world), # of habitats, species diversity o Bacteria have been around for 3.5 billion yrs, vs. Humans only 4-5 million yrs  10% of our total body mass is made of bacteria  Bacteria have not been thru as much evolution as compared to humans o Not getting more complex  Reproduction only thing that counts in the evolutionary process  There is no predetermined direction/ purpose even tho it looks like evolution is moving towards a goal  Selection is meaningless if there is no genetic variation  Passing genes to the next generation can involve multiple different strategies  If you carry a mutation that makes you able to pass it on to the next generation then it will be more frequent  Directional selection favours a certain phenotype  In ambidirectional selection the extremes are not good, if envionment is stable this type of selection works (extremes cut out, intermediate selected for)  Disruptive selection, me
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