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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 (Ch.12 - Contraception and Abortion).docx

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Ayesha Khan

NOTE: DUE TO POTENTIAL COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTS, THE SLIDES HAD BEEN TAKEN OUT BY OWNER. Lecture 9 (Ch: 12 – Contraception and Abortion) SLIDE 1 - In 1950s, lots of protests against contraceptions due to religious morals, and because intermingled with the law SLIDE 2 - Margaret Sanger - Looking at different people who leads campaigns to legalize contraceptions - Despite availability of contraceptions, many people still get unwanted pregnancy; wanted to educate people about how to use contraceptions and what is available - How to judge what is better - Pros and cons in this lecture; provide a summary (IMPORTANT FOR EXAM!) SLIDE 3 - 1965: to legalize the use of contraceptions - 1972: the right for unmarried people to use contraceptives SLIDE 4 - don’t have to memorize statistics - Education associated birth control and how to use contraceptives might be lacking SLIDE 5 - Ask a few questions about contraceptive method - Reliability - Safety to health - Reversible? If stopped using it, would fertility be impaired? - STD protection - Ease of use and cost - Failure rate: pregnancy occurs - Failure rate is higher with typical use than with perfect use - Typical use: errors such as forgetting to take the pill one time or condom breaks SLIDE 6 - Looking at typical use data because that’s what most people do and what occurs most of the time - Physical method: physical barrier that prevents sperm to getting to uterus - For exam, looking at the 2 best - IUD has very low failure method, and the second is the male condom; the best physical methods - Decrease failure rate (most effective is important for exam) MOST EFFECTIVE OF EACH TYPE OF METHOD SLIDE 7 USAGE AND FAILURE RATES OF COMMON CONTRACEPTIVES SLIDE 8 SLIDE 9 - Examples of male condoms in terms of what they’re made of - Most condoms are made of latex - Some are made of polyurethane plastic, and some of animal intestinal tissue - Latex are cheapest to produce; polyurethane a little more expensive and the animal tissue is the priciest - Some people are allergic to latex - Movement to put spermicides into condom to kill sperm; if condom breaks, the spermicides is not enough to prevent pregnancy though and the failure rate goes up SLIDE 10 - Latex is sensitive to friction and should be used only with water based or silicone based lubricants SLIDE 11 - Sensations decrease because of condoms because of the thicker material - Some men says that the tightness of condom decreases erection - Condoms to induce vasal dilation: vasal dilator drug - “natural” condom and lambskin condom are made of animal intestinal tissue; more expensive to NOTE: DUE TO POTENTIAL COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTS, THE SLIDES HAD BEEN TAKEN OUT BY OWNER. manufacture but they’re thinner; more resistant to oil damage; less stretchy than latex condom so make sure the fit is right; STD protection decrease as it gets to the animal tissue condoms (good for individuals of monogamous long term relationships) SLIDE 12 - To get idea of expert use of condoms - Sex workers reporting that breakage is really rare because the women were using it appropriately - None of them come back HIV positive SLIDE 13 PROS AND CONS SLIDE 14 - Female condom is also made up of latex - One part is going to cover majority of vulva and the other part fits around the cervix - Functions like a diaphragm SLIDE 15 PROS AND CONS SLIDE 16 - Block sperm from entering the cervix - Depending on the made of material SLIDE 17 - Example of diaphragm - Dome shaped structure - Could be made out of latex or silicone - Covers the cervix - Must be used with spermicides (putting on the diaphragm because sperm can move around); if it’s made of latex, no exposure to oil - Can be left for a few hours after coitus SLIDE 18 - Latex is good to prevent from STD so lower risk of cervical cancer SLIDE 19 - Made out of cream, jelly, inserts, - Putting spermicide inside vaginal canal before coitus SLIDE 20 - Cause rupturing of tissue (lesion) - Best used with combination with barrier method SLIDE 21 - IUD: plastic device - Each and every one of you are different; for majority, there’s not a lot of side effects, but there are minority that can’t handle pills and injections - Research online if there’s any class action lawsuits against the hormonal contraceptives (pills) from specific brands before using it; there are not enough fund for researchers to quickly investigate all the different pill brands SLIDE 22 - These are plastic objects in the shape of a T - What exactly is it doing - What it probably does is that it causes low grade inflammation and that can interfere with sperm transport; reduces risk of pregnancy by inflammation; - When you initially use it, may experience fever - Some recent IUD have progestins in it SLIDE 23 - Very effective - Monthly thread check - If the
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