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Lecture 9

PSY354H5 Lecture 9: Abortion and Contraception AND Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Brett Beston

Contraception and AbortionChapter 12 Margret Sangers Interview with Mike Wallace Sanger is known as the grandfather of the modern birth control movement What she had to endure was incredible The Pill That Almost WasntMajor issue How to synthesize steroid hormones Synthesis was a challenging process so it couldnt be produced with any quantity that could be relatively quantitative to any society Percy Julianwas able to discover a very effective inefficient way to synthesize hormones from basic steroids oEven when he discovered this method government granting agencies and pharma companies thought this was a waste of time looking at steroids But gradually there was some support by individuals The Birth Control MovementMajor issue the law oThe initial objection to the use of any birth control wasnt from the church but was really from the lawmakers There were two key decisions that happens in the US government that happened about 30 years when estrogen was identified 1965 Griswold vs ConnecticutoThis was the Connecticut law that prohibited any law or contraception that can prevent getting pregnant Up to 2 years in prison oContraception could be sold but it was thought that the only people who could buy contraception were married individuals1972 Eisenstadt v Baird oThere was a court case that declared there was a discrimination against unmarried individuals from purchasing contraceptions There was a 63 3 US supreme court judges not in favour of unmarried individual from purchasingIn CanadaElizabeth Bagshaw established Canadas first family planning clinic in Hamilton Ontario in 1932 although it was illegal to do so and despite intense criticism from the medical and religious communitiesAfter years of effort the section of the Criminal Code making it illegal to advertise or sell birth control was finally removed in 1969HormoneBased Birth Control Several different types availableoAmount and type of hormonesoForm of deliveryAlthough highly effective at prevency pregnancy hormonal methods do not offer protection against STDsContain synthetic hormonesoSlower to breakdownoEstrogen andor progestin Brain Negative Feedback
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