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Lecture 5

PSY354H5 Lecture 5: Sexual Development

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Brett Beston

PSY354The Biopsychology of SexLecture 5Sexual Development Ovulation At ovulation cell division in the oocyte is halted in the midst of meiosis II The cell division was not equalon daughter cell gets nearly all the cytoplasmoThe egg starts to mature to an adult ovary It starts the process of reproducing diving into two cells and then stopsone is a cell and the other is the First polar body Bourgeonal Attraction How does sperm know where to go How do they determine directionThere is a series of events in terms of how sperm development themselves One interesting thing is that the egg releases a chemical in which sperm has chemical receptors to detect this in order to find the eggFertilizationFertilization or conception occurs when a single sperm enters a single egg to produce a zygotePrior to fertilization sperm must undergo two processesoCapcitation The sperm first entering the vagina and uterus The outer surface of the sperm is digested by enzymes oAcrosome reaction Ovum zona pellucida CapacitationoCapacitation is the functional maturation of spermoReceptors are exposed through the removal of a glycogen layer in the female reproductive environment oMobility increases oBefore capacitation we see straight line indicating a lower activity The frequency of zigzag lines increases AFTER capacitation Acrosome ReactionoOccurs at the zona pellucida oAcrosome fuses and exposes receptors that attach it to the ZPoDigestive enzygmes are released which clear a hole in the ZPFertilization and Production of the Conceptus oAt this time there is an invisible event that takes place as a result of the fusion There is a calcium flux which is responsible for inducing a rapid change that renders the walls to reject other sperms the cell is impermeableoNow we have two polar bodies which eventually disappear irrelevant for reproduction itselfWhen we have two haploid sex rather than fusing immediately what occurs is an independent reproduction cycle that takes it from a haploid set to a diploid set oIt is not until reproduction happen when we get another event of recombination in the anaphase oNearly immediately you have a single ovary that gets divided into two distinct cells Now the ovary now contains pronucleia successfully fertilized egg conception This is not considered to be a fetus in a result that the tissue form do not represent any form of a human Changes in the oocyte following fertilization Cortical reactionoImmediately after fertilization
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