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Lecture 3

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Stephen Arnott

PSY 374 Lecture 3 Perception of Language1 Structure of Speech2 Perception of Isolated Speech Segments identify speech sounds in isolation3 Perception of Continuous Speech means to extract speech sounds from its context4 Perception of Written Language look at its researchStructure of SpeechHow to achieve stable phonetic perception Speech signals vary itself by1 Prosodic Factors Suprasegmental Factors refers to the aspects of an utterances words sound that are not specific to the words themselves but influence its overall meaning bya Stress is the emphasis given to syllables in a sentence it correlates with loudness and it can be used to distinguish nounverb forms of same word He did not finish the project You should project your voiceb Intonation is the use of pitch to signify emphasis in meaning on the main focus of a speakers sentence the pitch pattern of a sentence is called its intonational contour In English intonation rises at the end of yesno questions but not with whowhatwhenwherewhy questionsc Rate refers to the speed at which speech is articulated by depending on the number and length of pauses during utterances The rate of individual words can vary their syntactic role in a sentenceWords tend to have longer duration when they are positioned at the end of phrase rather than the middle Bill wants to walk but Mary wants to drive longer duration Bill wants to walk to the storeContent words have longer duration than function words I want two leaves I want to leave twocontent word and tofunction word homophones 2 Articulatory Phonetics is the study of the pronunciation of speech sounds Speech sounds differ in whether airflow is obstructed in what point and what way The vowels are pronounced by letting the airflow from the lungs in an unobstructed way consonants produced by stopping airflow at some point How do we articulate speech soundsa place of articulation 1bilabial consonants are articulated at lipseg b and p 2alveolar consonants are articulated by placing tongue on alveolar ridge eg t and d 1
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