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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 - Developmental Effects

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Emis Akbari

PSY398H5S – Motivational Systems Lecture 10 – April 4, 2013 Developmental Effects Effects of Early Life Experience on the Development of Motivational Systems •Early life experience, during critical development, can alter the emotional, cognitive, behavioral and neurochemical development of animals •The prenatal and postnatal brainare very susceptible to environmental influence •The prenatal and postnatal environment must be optimal for proper growth and development •Pregnancy/parturition and early parental care are very important for this brain development Individual Differences in Early Life? Maternal Environment & Development of Sexually Dimorphic Behaviors  Variation in maternal care important in the development of sexually differentiated behaviors  AG licking contributes to sexually dimorphic behaviors such as play behavior (Birke & Sadler, 1987) & sexual behavior (Moore, 1984)  Olf. disruption in the dam leads to less maternal licking and a disruption in the temporal pattern of sexual behavior in male rats (Moore, 1984)  Male offspring of strains in which the dam spends more time AG licking show more robust SB (Moore et al., 1997) Dopamine Response to Licking •HIGH-LG mothers show increased DA response in the NAc compared to LOW-LG mothers both at the start of the LG bout and at it’s peak Locomotion in Response to Cocaine in Prenatally Stressed Animals •Prenatally stressed animals show increased locomotion in a novel environment and also in response to cocaine •There are deficits in the quality of maternal care in AR animals •Although AR animals show similar motivational responses to their pups (retrieval), they show decreased licking and grooming behavior and spend less time in contact with the pups ATTENTION Attentional Set Shifting Task • Ra
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