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RLG203 Lecture - Tomorrow there’s a papal conclave begins at the Vatican o Lock down in a room to choose the new pope - Don’t cut and paste your blog entry answer for your essay, but you’re allowed to rework your own blog answer into the essay - Use parentheses for citations - Holy Land experience o Site of education - Protestant reformation o Western/central Europe, ca. 1500 o Olive = Roman Catholic (mostly western Europe) o Gray = orthodox or Muslim o Around 1550, a huge wave of change in which a lot of churches became Protestant and different movements and groups emerged  Reforms and counter-reforms - Number of factors that led to this o Rise of powerful nation states o Renaissance and looking into classic knowledge o Corruptions and warring popes - John Wickliff o Translated Latin bible to English - Huost o Also translated the Bible to English o They’re trying to free the people from the ecclesiastical (church) - Who has the authority to interpret the Bible? o Not just the pope, bishops and cardinals, but every Christian has the right to interpret the Bible - Martin Luther o 1483-1546 o Where Lutherian church had the name from o He was a Roman Catholic, Augustine friar o Interested in certain reforms o Rises and rebel against the corrupt Roman Catholic Church? Simple statement of history but there’s more to it o With or without Luther, there would’ve been a reformation around the 16 century o Why did Luther get mad and start writing and critiquing the Catholic Church? o He went to Rome and was shocked by the corruption of the Roman Catholic church in which popes and bishops had mistresses and living a lavish life - Sales of indulgences o People lining up with money and giving to the church o Indulgences were essentially “get out of jail free” cards o Indulgence was understood as something you could pay for so that your friends, relatives or yourself to get to heaven more quickly and out of purgatory o Only began to be abused and sold in the 14 century o “salvation was only through good works” assumption and that’s how you could get into heaven o People in this period were very concerned about the afterlife - In the middle ages, there was an idea of a middle place called the purgatory o This idea is not mentioned in the Bible o Came out of the theological speculations of the time o In the Hebrew Bible, there were notions of praying for the dead, so they thought there was a place in which can be effective in praying for the dead o A place where someone can be purged through their sins so that they’re cleaned enough and go to heaven o Picture depiction of angels plucking o They believed that a just God would not allow sinners into heaven but he is merciful that he wouldn’t allow people with only a little bit of sin to go to hell and could be redeemed o The purgatory idea didn’t come about until the 12 century - Dante o Tour of heaven, hell and purgatory o Metaphor of the soul’s journey o Purgatory as a terrace mountain and terrestrial place o The terrace is divided into the deadly sins and there’s ante-purgatory - Not exactly the idea of purgatory that got Luther mad, but the way that it was handled and that you could do things or have things done on your behalf that could speed up your time in purgatory o Assumptions such as going on pilgrimages and going on crusades could lesson your time in purgatory o What that entails is that humans could save themselves and determine whether or not you could save yourself or if your family can o Luther believes that what we do doesn’t matter, it’s decided by God - Tezel o Getting money to pay for a new church in Rome and it would become St. Peter’s church o Telling people in Germany that they should give him money so that they can lessen their relatives’ time in purgatory - The 95 theses on the power and efficacy of indulgences (Martin Luther, 1517) o Theological debate about indulgences o Luther said they were spreading false doctrine o Luther mentions a lot of the founding theologies of the church itself o Salvation is by faith alone and not because of works done; Luther is undermining a lot of the work of the Roman Catholic church o Attack on the very basis of the ecclesiastical church o He starts off by saying if he knows how poor the Germans are, he wouldn’t be asking them for money o Does the pope really have jurisdiction over who goes to purgatory or not o Indulgences is fruitless; only God has the say and know these things - Example of theses o Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ willed that the whole life of believers should be repentance  Don’t need sacraments or priests o The pope can’t remit any gift except by declaring that it has been remitted by God o Result of the intercession of the church is in the power of God alone - Even if Luther dthd at the cradle, reformation would still exist because there are other people - As early as the 14 century, Wycliffe was translating the Bible o The very first anticlerical dissenter o Translating from Latin to English and getting texts into hands of anybody who had the ability to read - John Knox o 1514-1572 o Scottish clergyman, brought Reformation to Scotland as “Prebysterianism” th o What he did in the 16 century was that he took a lot of Calvin’s ideas o The mass of the Roman Catholic were superstitious because a lot of the ideas were human made and not in the scriptures o Seeking to purify Christianity o Going back to biblical roots and focus only the Bible alone o Got rid of funeral practices that arise from superstition beliefs  There’s no space that are more spiritual  Praying for the dead is not effective - Why was Luther so special? o The time was right o Extremely persuasive speaker and orator o What Luther had to say could be disseminate throughout Europe; the printing press - Johannes Gutenberg o 1439  Not the first type of printing press in the world, but there are three reasons why it was so influential o Mass-production of movable type o Oil based ink  Permanent and cheap to pr
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