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Kyle Smith

Exam format: 2 hours, 3 essays  4 questions and have to do 3  Addressing the question at hand  Play close attention to the blogs and the guiding questions  Being sent by Jesus, age of exploration, sense of word Gospel, the necessity of spreading it and not keeping it closed up  find natural linkages (i.e. Christian community might invoke both monastic and Amish community) o Rocks in Ireland, going out to the world, community in later periods and today, closing themselves off What have we tried to do this term?  Core themes and issues in history of Christianity as global issue  Interpreting why so many forms  Addressing how Christianity manifested itself in many geographic, cultural contexts  Should understand and discuss Christianity with Jewish people thing  Develop insight into how Christianity is studied by those who examine history Can we talk about "Christianity" in the singular? What are the boundaries of Christianity? What marks something as being "Christian" as opposed to being something else?  For some, if you don't have God, can't have Christianity, that's fundamental  Believing Jesus as saint (fundamental)  Emphasis on baptism  Power of Pope on one hand and on the other hand throughout the world, something completely different from Roman Catholic Church (Zimbabwean Christianity, baptism in a pond)  Jan van Eyck Then Ghent Altarpiece, 1432  Don't have to go far away from the renaissance into another instance of Christianity not courtly, pious and surrounded by angels but in a desert fighting demons, sexuality,  Bishop Michael Ingham and many others who have blessed same sex marriage vs. Other churches that say this is a sin and anti biblical  Other biblical interpretation: some have no problem reading Genesis in way not literal and then others who insister the world is a few thousand years old  From someone taking outside perspective, look at all aspects of it  Same sex marriage still counts as Christian cuz haven't gone out of bounds or anything q#2  The Vatican as a defining force for so many Christian building idea on what is Catholicism is becoming less important in day to day lives on how faith is lived as time goes on, even to Catholic  1950's there were 15-16 million Catholic in Africa and today there's 10 times more and few years from now only Catholics in just Africa  Won’t be long till face of C
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