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Lecture 6

lecture 6

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Ajay Rao

Week 6 VAIAVA, AIVA, AND KTA ORDERS 2 Major traditions in India: 1. Vaisnavism: communities that worship Visnu. 2. Saivism: communities who worship Siva. Above communities have institutions + rituals + core doctrines, but not founder. In past people know what Vaisnavism and Saivism were but they did not understand Hinduism. For the renouncer, the ultimate goal is liberation form the cycle of rebirth, not heaven. The Vedic texts are revered by most orthodox Hindus but there is a revaluation of the Veda. Now people value the Upanishads -> considered the most valued of the Veda. Vedic world: many gods. Vaisnavism According to the Gita, people can worship whatever form they want. If they are devoted to the gods, they will reach the gods. If they are devoted to Krishna, they will reach Krishna. Krishna lets people worship whoever they want to worship but not all worship is equal. Hindus worship many gods and one God! The only solution is that all gods are reincarnations of the same God! Hinduism cannot be said to be monotheistic or polytheistic -> it is something else.
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