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Lecture 7

lecture 7

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Ajay Rao

Week 7 THE THEOLOGIZATION OF THE RMYAA Ramayana: a traditional story. Hero of the story is Rama -> is worshiped today. Was written in the late Vedic period where there many gods who were only 1 step above humans. What we read is a summary of the Ramayana known as transcreation (shorter than translation). Valmiki is a version of the Ramayana which retells the story. Story of the Ramayana : start in a typical Vedic world. King, Dasaratha, of the city does not have a son, so he sacrifices to get a son. He gets 4 sons: Rama, Laksmana, Bharata, and Shatrugna. Visnu is divided into the 4 sons where he is an avatar. Rama is an avatar of Visnu. Sage comes to the king and asks to take Rama because the sage wants Rama to fight the demons who are messing the sacrifices. King at first doesnt agree because Rama is young, but later agrees. They go to the forest. Contest who marries Sita. Rama breaks the bow and wins the contest -> marries Sita. King wants to make Rama the king because the King is getting old, but
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