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Domesticating Asceticism

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Ajay Rao

RLG205 Sept 21 st Domesticating Asceticism - (renouncing worldly pleasures to achieve highly spiritual state): o bringing that into the house, bringing the house together Ashrama System (Stages of life): - student (Brahmacari) - householder (Grhastha) - forest dweller, you’re still with your life, living simple life (Vanaprastha) - Renouncer (Samnyasa – absolute renouncer) Anchorites live in the forest. Renouncers live in the city. Anchorites live in their own kind of dwelling. Renouncers went around begging people. Anchorites still keep Vedic fire; they still perform rituals. Fire is main symbol of Vedic life. Renouncers gave up whole Vedic life. Four Life Goals: - wealth (artha) - sexual desire (kama) - moral duty (dharma) - liberation, “getting out of rebirth” (moksa) In Vedic, world, there was no rebirth: In Vedic world, this is something that everybody has to do, not just the renouncers. Everybody in life should renounce. Renunciation is supposed to happen at the end of your life. But renouncers say you should renounce right away, not at the end of the life. Mahabharata - longest poem in the world, 75,00 verses - bardic (people compose poems over 100 of years) tradition of composition o bards would add to story - Itihasa, legendary history - main body composed before 200 BCE Painted Grey Ware - evidence of historicity of some of the central events of the Mahabharata? Bhisma’s Vow - war between two cousins - history of particular royal family - two sets of princes: (100 Kauravas – Dhritarashtra, son of fishermans girl and brother of Bhisma) and (5 Pandavas – Pandu, son of fishermans girl and brother of Bhisma) Bhisma is these guys uncle: (Karna), Yudhisthira (oldest of Pandavas), Bhima, Arjuna, son of Indra… Duryodhana is - story of Bhisma’s, meaning terrible, vow: Bhisma’s father falls in love with this girl from fishermen’s village and wants to marry her, but what happens her father is smart, he thinks my daughter is very simple, then her children are going to get nothing, cause Bhisma is going to get everything so what the father of the daughter says I know you’re in love with my daughter but you can only marry her only if her children can become the king and not your son (Bhisma).
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