SOC311H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: The Marshall Project, Habilitation, Class Discrimination

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10 Jan 2019
How interaction with the legal system has long lasting affects/consequences
What is prisoner re-entry?
The process of leaving prison and returning to society
Petersilia - All activities and programming conducted to prepare ex convicts to
return safely to the community
Turner - 3 phase process. Begins when someone is admitted to prison,
continues as they prepare for release, and includes the actual release
Gottschalk - the term suggests that ex-offenders are being returned to a level of
habilitation, integration, and participation that they formerly enjoyed, yet many
former offenders were never involved in the integration of society to begin with
Acknowledge that it is a process
Why study prisoner re-entry
93% of all prisoners are eventually released, it is something that is happening all
of the time
Approx. 68% of those released recidivate within 3 years
US stats: 600,000 individuals re-entering society, more than 8 million under
state control/government supervision
Canadian stats: 85,170 released from jail/prison, 137,471 released from remand
custody, 20,506 other releases
A lot of people getting out of jail, but we don’t do a good job of making sure
that they don’t go back
Much more cost effective to make sure they stay out and develop good
Terminology and the importance of language: Inmate, prisoner, other
Nomenclatures are important and exist to clarify the world around us
The marshall project - how to refer to people behind bars
200 responses
38% preferred incarcerated person, 23% preferred prisoner, 10%
preferred inmate
30% selected other (people in prison, man or women, persons name)
Inmate: used to just mean that you occupied a house, now means that you're in
Intro -January 10 -Week 1
Tuesday, January 8, 2019
11:09 AM
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