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Jayne Baker

January 31, 2013 Interaction - In terms of individually (one-on-one), how we present ourselves to others (micro) - And globally (macro) - Socialization and Interaction closely related. - Interaction is connected to socialization - If we ignore interaction we risk isolating interactive behavior - Doesn’t get us very far to understanding why things happen in society - Helps us understand authority and others. - Everyone is capable of doing virtually anything, we can understand more by looking at social context. 6 Degrees of Isolation - Through 6 people you’re connected through anyone in the world - Networks Network Analysis - Social Network: “ A bounded set of individuals who are linked by the exchange of material or emotional resources. - Different relationships linking people to other people and through that you’re linked to more people. - We’re all linked through these relationships - Material Ex: Pictures, videos, etc - There are many ways we can think of networks - Network analysts interested in interactions with each other Strong Ties and Weak ties - Who are our strong ties: family, friends, - Who are your weak ties: colleagues, acquaintances, - People in our network whom we’re not closely related. - Weak ties are more important when looking for job b/c more diversity. - Weak ties are more diverse networks and know more people (Strength of Weak Ties) - Example of Weakness of strong ties: Meth in the USA  Recreational drug use exploded in 60s.  The dangers of meth became more apparent b/c more people were using them January 31, 2013  Effects include financial ruin, violence and neglect of children, lack of hygiene, brain damage, etc.  In 2005, gov’t made restricting regulations regarding meth.  Small groups had to work together to get to small quantities of meth.  Mom and popshops started.  Small groups had to work together to go to each store, state, etc.  Response: organized distribution of meth from Mexico.  In terms of cooking: making and cooking  close friends making together  Destruction associated with meth in small network - Not all networks bad though - Example of good network: Couchsurfing  Couchsurfing: between dating and Facebook sites.  You can look into places you can stay while travelling.  Brings together different age groups, mostly avid travellers  Brings together different cultures and people who are interested in learning and experiencing different things.  When the internet first came about, the concern was that
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