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Lecture Notes on Loss of Community

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Barry Green

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Soc. Notes 9/29/09
relatively general question
20 mins responses
Essay questions
Loss of community (ch)
-shows how soc works
-“The question mark in this ch. is very significant
-did loss of community occur?
-The issue of doing good research and good theories
- begins with industrialization
-before the dev. Of factories (late 1700 to 1800s) most human beings lived in either
rural areas or in villages, small towns, or in farm land
-Today most people live in urban areas and big cities
-machines being made to make production easier: required man power so many
people moved to these urban areas to work the machines in factories (huge movement of
-kids werent going to school then so they (males) were being apprenticed around the
age of 10 or 12. Females just worked everything
-Brought school in to the picture since many of the jobs required basic arithmetic
and also basic reading and writing skills
-labor laws changed childhoods
-2 reasons to work in factories compared to living in rural areas: 1. You were kicked
off (you gave a proportion of what you were producing to the landlords. Then the landlords
discovered that mechanics and machines make for more money) 2. You chose to leave
because you were tired of the landlords and you wanted to be free so they went and sold
their labor in urban areas at factories.
- no sanitation, no sewers, barely any water and the water that was available was
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