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18 Apr 2012
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Race and Ethnicity - p.502-534
November 15, 2011
FINAL: know issues w/ functionalism, be familiar with 2 paradigms in each chapter.
Ethnicity vs nationality
- can be the same or not
melting pot: from the day ppl get to US historically ppl want to lose old sense of
ethnicity is primordial: ur born into it, in some cases is the same thing as nationality
Canada + US not considered ethnicities b/c not old enough
difference b/w objective and subjective ethnicity
objective: trace back family to ethnicity
subjective - who do u identify it with?
Neither race nor ethnicity are givens
- identification of these depends entirely on the social + political context in which
we live
- racism s structural (not individual)
Women b/com divided b/c of race, ethnicity etc. that rank them lower than just
being female