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University of Toronto Mississauga
Kimde Laat

Copyright material  sampling reconceptualized and manipulated  new art form is legit and deserves to be heard (Girltalk; mixes very different songs into one) Girltalk-- does many shows in many cities thoroughly enjoys creating music has respect for all artists he inserts: not hurting anyone, just trying to make music bombarded with media; use it.. pass paint out on street, more people will paint flow of culture and music, just kinda happens due to media bombarding Dr laurence ferara – intellectual property, music copywrite “sampling” is key: Bridgeport music owns copywrites- “get off your ass and jam” cues you into the song that’s coming next: 3 notes, 2 seconds was taken from this song and intro guitar riff was stretched out and looped and used in NWA/ Dr Dre in 100 miles and running to sound like sirens in the background, very difficult to hear, highly manipulated, very different context: dance to rap/hiphop “dominimus non cuerot lex”- law concerned with insignificant offences: defence to protect NWA Court decided its illegal to take anything from recording, “not creative” wake up call for industry - if you sample, you license. But this is the way hiphop works, so this is the death of hiphop music. -who really owns what? Key issue to intellectual property: what is the purpose of copywrite? -Siva vaidhayanathan: the grey album by DJ Dangermouse jayzs black album and beatlees white album mixed together, released disks to friends on net and thousands had copies of it. -agreed not to do any more distribution but it was too late; instant classic -very white and black thing to make beautiful music together- he wanted to change perceptions about music and what you can do - most successful album of 2005, might’ve been biggest hit of year- but nobody made a dime, dj, beatles, nor jayz. DJ is fine with this Girltalk: shows how hours of cutting of samples and outing them together to make music, complex and creative/ innovative process (11:58). He’d be fine paying royalties but to license a sample would costmillions, near impossible. It would also take years to go through the legal hassle of licensing. Dan Glickman CEO of MPAA- “boss of Hollywood?” reps in washington and countries worldwide. US constitution says protecting creators rights as foundation of America. Piracy- nauthorized theft of intellectual property without compensation. Dorbuska Market, Russia, who sell pirated copies of films. Paid to film opening night at cinema, release half copy on net, if happy transfer all the money. Russian economy is 30 years behind Europe: pirates sold ajorly from shops guarded by police. Used to be on the street, but now movement to complex internet piracy between downloaders. Losses are 6 billion a year, impossible to stop piracy so make it as difficult and tedious as possible with consequences if caught. The Pirate Bay: police stopped them to ask about the bay and to try and get the bay offline (Swedish local authorities). US jurisdiction doesn’t stretch across the world: pricacy not illegal in Swedish law so they talked back and users should decide internet, not US law civil disobedience to change corporate laws. collective is free, free is right, sharing info should be unrestricted” many youth of America believe. Pirates bay is virtually impossible to take down. Swedish guvt caved in to demands of US entertainment industry and disregarded Swedish law which upset the people. Pirate party to protect privacy rights. private communication Is stored up to 10 years: ent industry up against fundamental rights: disturbing. - not about the right to get paid for artists own work. -filesharing allows all to get all citizens to get worlds culture and knowledge at fingertips. Not seen since the advent of libraries 150 years ago: Age of enlightenment. Knowledge?? we can use sounds/images from the culture around us to say things that relate to daily lives. Creative commons Copywrite control can begin to inhibit creativity. (23:00) he writes books for a livig and knows students do all sorts of thinsg with his work: protects from competition to release same book but free for people to use as they want: this norm should aply to music and entertainment as well. Update law ot make law make sense of technology and make sure artists get paid. nobody being paid for 60s suff anyway so if you can use it now in a way kids understand this can increase compensation or hurt no one as no one gets paid anyway. Nigerian Cinema: largest movie makers of the world. 611 films in US vs 1200 in Nigeria without Nigeriahaving copywrite law: more room for innovation? Charles Nigerian
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