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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Notes

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Paula Maurutto

Lecture 4: Criminal Justice and Diversity October 4, 2012  When it comes to TV shows, the general mantra is that if there is blood on television, it is going to sell the show  Offenders and victims tend to be older and the victims tend to be higher status than you would actually see in the justice system  In general, what you see on television are the types of crimes that are least likely to occur in real life (they occur, but they are the smallest proportion of crimes to occur)  Growing up as children, you are taught to fear the stranger, but that is changing because what we know now is that most child abductions is perpetrated by someone who is known by the victim – someone in the immediate family, lives in their neighbourhood, or is well known by the family  Crime in the media does not talk about how crimes are rooted in communities, or mental illness, but talks about drugs and sometimes breed – talks about how the criminal is different than the rest of us  Women are charged with far fewer and less serious charges than men o Two most common charges are theft under $5000, prostitution (engagement in the sex trade) o Other charges include fraud, Type 1 assault, possession or trafficking of drugs o The relative of proportion of women in remand (amount of time detained before/during trial) is the same as men  Remand is the worst place to be – no programs o Aboriginal women and visible minority women are much more
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