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y What is crime y A behaviour that breaks the lawdefine law in strictly legal terms y A legal def to form a legistaltionit underplays the way crime is enforcedy It actively madeexnot only judges that make the law y its not jjsut what the law says it includesget from lec notey How is crime relativey We dont just take simple approachhow is crime a relative conceptwhat contistues a crime shifts according to societal norms No perfect definition of crime We dont all agree on the same punhisment or what goes under crimey Crime is historically socially culturally and context specificy It reflects all of the above Our laws are fluidand change over time Different actions are considered legal or illegal Ex Prohibitionbefore illegal and not anymore different places are more lenient than others as well y Crime is an unstable and shifting phenomenay What is crimechanges frequentlyy Crime is a social construct Meaning in effect there is no absolute crime Identifying a crime or criminal is a social thingit depends on the society time and place We cant understand crimeexif a child murdered their parentsbefore it was murdernow itswas it under defenseIts the questions that make the sociological way of thinking about crimeAnd we look at range of facto
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