SOC216H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Bourgeoisie, Luigi, Proletariat

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6 Feb 2016
Lecture #2:
Why is there a disparity in the incarceration rates for blacks compared to
-Does this have any implications for democracy?
Does regulating the number of hours in the workday mean that the state is
looking out for its workers?
Marx and the sociology of Law:
-Criminal courts are open
-Why should we read Marx?
oGo to a criminal court
Who are the defendants
Who are the judges?
Who are the lawyers?
oThen go to a civil court
What are the similarities and the di)erences?
Marxist theory:
-Marx viewed an uneasy relationship between 2 types of society
-The bourgeoisie and the proletariat
oThe bourgeoisie is the working class  determine what law looks
oThe proletariat is the private owners
Look at the relations of productions:
Who owns the farms etc.
-The material of our society is what forms our modern day society
Marxist approaches to law:
-What is the role of law in modern society?
-The base will e)ect the superstructure  this is where law is
-The ways in which law is “misbehaving” in ways Marx didn’t predict
oEnglish factory Acts
-Capitalism is also a set of ideas, including ideas about the value of
work, and this can be expressed through law.
-Talk about the material and the symbolic approach
Capital dictates law:
-The needs of the capital class which rule, and then they get the law to
be formed in their favour
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