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Lecture 6

SOC219H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Judith Butler, Left-Wing Politics, False Consciousness

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Jennifer Carlson

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Victims to self-defensers, patients and clients
From victims to self-defensers, patients and clients
o Consciousness-raising: collective activist strategy in which combined
experiences of oppression and marginalized are shared, analyzed, and
mobilized to better understand the conditions of one’s oppression
o Old left, new left: philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the
word in various ways; the point is to change it (Marx, theses on
Feuerbach, thesis 11)
o By interpreting the world and by analyzing the world, you do actually change
o Once you name an oppression, that changes everything, it is a political act
o Or… The personal is political feminist slogan
o Compare and share experiences of oppression
o Women have a false consciousness brainwashed from society that women
have to act and behave a certain way
#1: Embodiment
o A new kind of consciousness-raising
o Performativity and the fighting spirit
o Feminist tensions
o Martha McCaughey
o Can you be a feminist and endorse violence?
o Uncomfortable territory that women can be capable of violence
o By saying that violence is off limits to women, its like saying that women’s
bodies can not handle violence
o Fighting spirit being a fighter
o Judith Butler embodiment can change, and it can change how people see
o Women are not essentially week, women can shape their own embodiment
and that is where physical feminism comes in
o Support self-defense for women
Feminist consciousness-raiding meets fun culture 2.0
o Women refusing to be a victim
o Pacifist presumption
o Getting too close to violence is using the masters tool
o Marital maternalism
o Husbands want their wife’s to be armed to protect their kids
o If you are not in favour of armed people, you are a wimp
o If you want to be empowered, you are going to carry a gun
o In Texas, students are now allowed to carry guns around campus
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