SOC227H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Lean Manufacturing

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5 Feb 2013

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Lecture 7-The Flexible Firm: New Forms of Control?
Relationship between organization and management
Post-bureaucratic/Post-fordist work organization
-whether or not this is shaping new managerial paradigms?
-flexible it a new form of control? Or does it help managers
Emotions at work
Decline of internal labour markets
-downsizing, cut back of middle management
Decentralized, networked firms
> flexible specialization-continuous innovation and constant response to
change in consumer demand
>the flexible firm: functional (modify tasks-workers can move across tasks),
numerical (reduce number of hours workers are working) pay (trying to get
flexibility in the actual earning or benefits)
Influences on New Managerial Paradigms
Human Relations School-emerged in 1930’s, how are we going to gain
workers cooperation, big absentee rate, strikes,
Swedish work reforms
North American ‘Quality of working Life’
-humanistic-work life should have quality of life, shouldn’t be unhealthy or
-range of management strategies to improve employer and employee
cooperation, redesign jobs, greater participation for employees
Japanese employment system
-work groups, quality circles, if you had these quality circles where workers
working in a team you could tap into their skills and knowledge
Emphasis, Assumptions and Predictions of New Managerial Paradigms-Participatory
work organization
-adhocracy-matrix structure,
-total quality management-quality of the product is what matters, consumer taste
-humanizing-treating workers like humans instead of machines, happy to be their
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