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SOC231H5 Lecture Notes - Lumpenproletariat

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Zaheer Baber

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Sept 30th SOC 231
Provides the basic concepts which sociology would be a simply a drift
Mature Capitalism
oMarx comes out with a different scheme
oAll societies, and not just capitalist
oPeasants and their autocracies and further on
oThe criterion he uses in the mean of production so either you own the
mean of product or you don’t
oSimplifying it, you know that reality is much messier, and under mature
capitalism, the capitalist class is two different
oThere are fractions with in the working class and so on are important for
different strata
oCapitalist are competing with each other
oLand owners and industrial bourgeoisie are in competition
oFor instance you want wheat and corn lower so that you can pay the
laborers lower wages
oThey begin to develop further and further
oThis is the dominant kind of capitalist class, that banking section that
provides the loans, and much of the benefits are coming from the financial
oOld middle class meaning that small workshop, bakery, or store. Hire
some help, they are capitalist but not the same as the big ones
oThe new middle class people are a new category, after the French
revolution, and the new middle class people work for organizations for
wages. If they are late for work they are docked, supervised
oLumpen-proletariat: people who are from one day job to another, and
making basic money for basic necessities
oSo for example, professor is from the new middle class as he is working
for an organization which is a university
oBlue working class conditions are dirty, while white collar is not
oIn the long run, Marx is saying that as capitalism is developing further
these distinctions begin to ollapse which is know as polarization. What he
argues that these distinctions begin to disappear and begin to merge
together seeing themselves as one major capitalist class against one major
mass of the working class
oEven the new middle class begins to merge with the old middle class.
Their conditions of work and existence of power in society compared to
capitalist class becomes almost the same
oIn between you have petiti bourgeoisie- people who have enterprises,
hiring a dew people (dozen people), and not a part of the working and
capitalist class, they are capitalist but not big time capitalist
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