SOC240H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Service Canada, Visible Minority, Forced Marriage

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11 Feb 2016
Lecture 5
Multiculturalism as a social policy
Women/disabled were visible minorities
Few instances of discrimination based on sexual orientation
We have had many good intentions
We have not done evaluations on impact and see what is and is not working
Different nations have different combinations – politicians tend to be the ones that make
the disruption
Biggest fear people have – will is destroy the current situation?
Bring in more refugees and give them part of the budget – what will happen
Normal function of democracy – will it bring down economic structure? (people go into
Countries with multiculturalism have strong democracies
We have not evaluated what the critics are arguing
Collective culture – need to have permission from family to get married vs Canada just
go to service Canada and sign some papers
Does multiculturalism need to be there for stability and peace – not necessarily (vertical
France does not have a multicultural policy – fights from 3rd generation families that
fought for their rights saying that they belong – but still relatively stable
China has no policy but they are relatively stable as well
Freedom – cultural (can a girl be stoned to death) equal amounts of freedom for all
So it multiculturalism good or bad?
With so many cultures what is allowed and what is not, what is something we can all
agree on
Subnational Groups
Territorial political freedom – Nunavut given to the Inuit simply by signing a paper vs
two groups fighting for ownership
Need permission from aboriginal groups – Saskatchewan
How do you know what the tradition is – things are added on
How do you know if things are true
How did something become traditional – seeing carrots and cream in a traditional Inuit
meal when carrots cannot be grown there and cream a western creation
Things evolve – coming into country with 4 names but have to choose 2, overtime people
think you just had 2 names
Forced marriage – love first then marry vs marry first then fall in love
How much independence people have under multiculturalism – parents want you to move
out and be independent compared to collective consciousness – keep you at home until
marriage maybe even after marriage
Background doesn’t matter as long as you follow the rules and act “normally” – follow
basic rules of day to day life
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