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Lecture 8

SOC275H5 Lecture 8: SOC275 Lecture 8 Prof Choo

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Hae Yeon Choo

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Monday, November 14, 2016
SOC275 - 8
The case of Audi commercial - messages it sends
-women are a prize to be won (maybe the girl doesn't ant to kiss him)
-man was driving but women were in the back of another car
-women portrayed as passive
-the car promotes bold and masculine behaviour and gives him an excuse to kiss her
-how viewers react: we think its a joke (even though its sexual assault)
-the woman was represented as enjoying the kiss but we don't know if she would
actually like it in real life
-the prom king punished the guy not the girl (it’s not she who fights back, but if you
violate her then you violate the prom king)
The media as a primary institution of socialization
-five primary institutions: family, schools, religious institutions, peer groups, and the
-complexity of media: multiple types and venues
-contains various images of gender
His and her media: a case of gendered magazines
-his and her medias are primarily for their respective genders
-there is a gender mutual media as well
-cosmopolitan is “her” media
-sports illustrated or other sports related are “his” media
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