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Lecture 10

SOC275H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Domino Theory, Gayle Rubin, Heteronormativity

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Hae Yeon Choo

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Lecture 10
Gender and sexuality
What do these two romance films have in common?
- Forbidden love
- The idea that just because you love someone, it’s such a trivial idea, and you can’t put
marriage on that passion romance, because at that time marriage was not like that and
they had a lot to protect
The emergence of “companionate marriage
- The first in the institution of marriage from one of a pragmatic interest (making “in-laws”
to that of “romantic love” (18th-19th century)
o Came after romeo and Juliet, not to say that there wasn’t as much passion, but it
wasn’t tied to the institution of marriage
o “love child” not being tied to marriage, a child brown out of wedlock, as a reason
of passion and love
- Prior to the period, romantic love was generally outside of marriage, yet increasingly
became the basis of marriage
- Cross-national variations: love marriages? Arranged marriages?
Historian Stephanie Koontz on the radical idea of marrying for love
- “it was when marriage move into the emotional sphere in the 19th century, that it differed
as an institution just as it began to thrive as a personal relationship.”
- The institution of marriage: when this transition happened towards romantic love, the
institution became very much unstable, and people would marry much later, have serial
marriages, or high divorce rates
o A lot of expectations now, so it became much weaker because disappointment
will come
o The institution’s meaning has changed
o This doesn’t mean people are less happy in marriages
Meaning of marriage as an institution in contemporary times
- “you found out your spouse recently had an extramarital affair. What would you do and
o Kids, one time vs ongoing
o This gives you a hint of what people think marriage is supposed to be composed
of what you will put up with
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