SOC301H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Roy Mcmurtry, Young Offenders Act

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3 Aug 2016
Soc 301 Lecture 8
Things learned
-not radical change-just different ways of regulating (SHAW)
-similar focuses-different frames?
`what is wrong with the people in the prison, what do we need to do to make them right
New constructions
-the violent woman, the gang affiliated
Youth Crime: Some Points to Consider
-Drift Theory-Matza
`Linquency and drift, major of young people are not delinquent. Even those who commit
delinquency who do not belong to. Young people drift in and out of crime. They learn ways to
justify their deviance. They are not deviant motivation, is more a situational factor. Techniques
of neutralization
-Life course persistent offender
`is the idea that you can find that young people to commit crime for a life course, some will
persist it over life
-Cambridge-Sommerville study
`intensive program for young people in the mid 60s, some of you will get treatment, some of
you will not get anything and we will study you for your life time and find out what happen
-Scared Straight and Boost camps
Youth legislation
-Parens Patriae
-Theory of intervention, justice and the court system could be the solution for youth crime
-indeterminate sentences
-punishment without process, there is no open court or open hearing, there is no reason for
why young children are getting that sentence or punishment
YOA (1984): a lot of process put in place
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find more resources at
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