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Lecture #2

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Zachary Levinsky

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September 14th 2011
Lecture #2
popular and Media Discourse
-Jane Creba and Shawn McLean
-Rhetorical Devices
-Common Sense
-Anecdotal Evidence
Moral Panics
-folk devils
-Deviance Amplification
-Anti Hip-Hop hysteria
-Criticism of moral panic
Nature and Extent of Youth Crime
Augmenting the theory
-delinquency and drift
film assignment
-what questions are good to think about?
Jane Creba - 16 yr old, young white female, shot on boxing day while
shopping at yonge/dundas square, "young, athletic" - shown as really innocent
Shawn McLean - 22 yr old died in hospital, young black male, "wrong place,
wrong time" - shown as less innocent because male and had to showcase more
of less involved with gangs
Rhetorical Devices
-about the past, when youth didn't disrespect or become involved in crimes,
parents were around, all are compared to now. "Back in my obeyed
their elders and their parents"
-lack of evidence to support this.
-contempt for younger people.
-"Children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority,
they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise."
-Socrates as quoted in Bernard 1992
Anecdotal Evidence
-linked to nostalgia
-images of suffering, heinous crimes, youth are getting worse, taking a
particular case and generalizing it to everyone/everything
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