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University of Toronto Mississauga
Abigail Salole

Soc 310 November 13, Advocates office (Nancy Russell) • Act: the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth Act developed in 2007 • Don’t act a legal authority, but rather support and elevate the voices of youth • Demonstration school: are schools particular for special need children and reflect behaviour that makes it difficult for parents to care for them (2-4 in Canada, so have to go far away from home—being phases out) o Aren’t looked upon as effective • Review holding cells, transportation and treatment of youth • Investigations conducted by facilities (particular youth justice)-problems with how they are conducted so there to make sure the investigations are transparent and fair • Potential witnesses are interviewed and treated fairly • Facilities have obligation to tell youth that the advocates office exists and have their rights • Allowed to contact without delay (15 minutes) • Best interests cannot be used as means to deny the youth their rights (best interest should be right based) Case or Individual Advocacy • Systems advocacy • Our voice out turn video: make legislation change, if a younger person is a crown ward, once they turn 18 they can be supported until the age of 21 (Continues Care and Support for Youth in response to the lack of transition of youth from being supported and then being out) • Jeffery case –glitch in the system as they didn’t do a background check on the grandparents as a result they didn’t know grandparents were responsible for other kids death (after 11 years inquest takes place)-documentary “failing Jeffery” • So many in RMYC, they agree with a lot of the points in the interaction with the advocates, but no one really goes to ensure that they applied the changes Soc310 N
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