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University of Toronto Mississauga
Abigail Salole

th Soc 310 Sept 25 Theoretical underpinnings/Causes of Youth Crimes • (1-4 and assigned readings for your test) • Classical legal governance; interested only in whether the presence in mind and the act of crime was there (p. 45) o Not interested in why or social environment and stimuli o All offenders are acting under a rational frame of mind, no such thing that would attract a mind to commit crime • Modern legal governance: accumulating knowledge on offender o Social and family environment o Collecting information on offenders (administrative knowledge about the offenders) Discourse • Childhood is the most intensively governed sector of personal existence (Rose) • Two competing discourse; 1. Reform able young offender: advocated consider youth vulnerable, in need of assistance and protection  During the 19 & 20 centuries, prison reformers and justice officials (later metal science experts) identified a particular group-working-class male you-as problematic requiring intervention  More recently, child advocated concerned about youth involvement in prostitution have sought to intervene on behalf 2. Punishable young offenders  Need more discipline  Violent youth, squeegee kids, increasing young female offender, Aboriginal offenders Ethics of punishment • Understanding of an out-of-control youth population became firmly etched in public mind • Perception of “need to get tougher on youth crime” Social, cultural, political, economic and historical context • Our lives are embedded in the larger society in which we live, which is organized along race, ethnicity, class, gender, age lines (which are distinct social constructions) • Race refers to categorical divisions between groups of people based on physical characteristics that are deemed socially relevant, such as skin color • We give them meaning, it is more about the reaction towards the physical characteristic Social construct is a label that emerges from culture/society • Ex. Hierarchy of victimhood • Toronto star: Simon Black • Treating differently based on race and construction of race as there is a different in the way people perceive you, geography also becomes radicalized and becomes a determinant to how people respond • Gender: socio-cultural ideas (beliefs/value/attitude) and accompanying practices (behaviours, expressions, characteristics) associated with being male-masculinity-and/or female (femininity) which is also a social construction What Labels are being used? (Video) • Arrested a 10 African-American was arrested for misconduct at the field trip and was suspended and charged with criminal mischief (Florida) • Judge is swamped with cases such as these, unfairly accused • Treating them criminals, and putting in their minds that they are criminals so will act like criminals • Toward Theorizing Youth and Crime; 2 Approaches 1. A common view holds that we should understand crime caus
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