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Lecture 5

SOC341H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Unfree Labour, Premiership Of Stephen Harper, Foreign Worker

by Maya

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Mark Easton

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Lecture 5
From third world to first world
The global inflow of labour from developing to developed countries
The sociological dimensions and implications of this production arrangement
A positive not (sort of ):The return of jobs to developed countries courtesy of developing
Bringing unfree labour into the first world
Temporary foreign worker programs have grown in North America over the past 30-40
years as employess in these developed nations struggle with 2 concerns
o How to meet the need for both high and low skilled workers the poliarized
modern economy demands
o How to meet these demands while ensuring that the labour they hire…
Seven specific features of most TFW programs (Baines article)
Insert chart
The working conditions are usually pre-set
The conditions cannot change unless written permission by employer or immigration
The ones that are in the dark have been improved
Workers now have the ability to leave their jobs
When people are removed from the program, the person can easily be replaced by many
others that from the developing country
Canadian employers love their cheap TFW’s !
The red bars are the number of TFW’s present on the date of those years
The black are economic immigrants that are coming to stay for permanent residentce
Generally the permanent residence exceeded the TFW
But after the economic crises, there was a huge rise in the immigration of TFW’s
o So companies can pay less for workers and save money
Policies have changed that allowed companies to import workers without explaining
whether there is a need for them (Harper’s government)
More evidence employer’s love their cheap TFW’s
Temporary foreign workers were the most immigrants that came to Canada relative to
student visas or people on work permit
They tend to work low skill jobs like agricultural workers or fast food services
How this program works in Canada: Categories of Temporary Foreign worker by Admission
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