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University of Toronto Mississauga
Michelle Szabo

Cultural values March 22, 2013. Food, Environment & the Body State/Institution-Focused Food Activism: community discussion about institutional change.. “Local Food Plus Cettified” UofT worker conditions point, has made a policy change. UofT policy change, started in class made change.. institution change in the policy @ school board level… food activism (ethical), state focused everyone benefits. If your making changes in your day to day food practices organic and local. Consumption: Problem: Anorexic/Bulimic viewed as an illness and influenced by diet culture… Obesity/Overweight: lack of self-control. Personal Responsibility: anorexic: little responsibility .. and overweight viewed as personal responsibility their fault Media Discourse: Solution: medical intervention vs. lifestyle change Race & Class Stereotype & Moralization: Ethnic and racial minorities are portrayed as uneducated in need of education, viewed from elite upper class. Typical ethnic and food culture promote overweight, need to be educated (moralization) elite classes are in a position because they know best, teach the poor to eat better. Demographic Factors: Men vs. Women: Men more Obese Rural: more Obese: Lower Income more obese: Today more obese than previous generation: Sex Difference: Food = Masculinity indulgence & Feminine Restraint Idea that women is to restrain yourself, metaphor sexua
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